To make our customers strategic partners, guaranteeing constant control of our processes, meeting production objectives, seeking continuous improvement, researching and developing new products, always focused on automation, innovation and efficiency.


We are a global company, recognized for its high levels of competitiveness, excellence and innovation, focused on the development of boron products, all within a framework of high integrity standards.

Our Commitments


Our commitment is to deliver high quality products within the guaranteed technical specifications, so we have a fully implemented laboratory with excellent personnel and equipment to ensure product delivery according to the highest standards.


Euro Chemicals Fertilizers is strongly committed to sustainable development, which implies that the company carries out its operations in harmony with the environment, trying to use natural resources and inputs in a sustainable manner and minimizing the possible impacts related to its production processes.  

Social Responsibility

We are fully identified with society, supporting the people living in the surroundings of our plant, giving special support in education and health issues and providing infrastructures fully financed by the company.